Two Principles


By: Dennis Hawk 

We have established two principles thus far:  First, I am here on this earth at this very moment because that is exactly the way God wants it. Second,  I, like the rest of creation, am a ball of energy stored in matter…and in motion.   

In Vedic literature from India, these two principles are referred to as Shiva (masculine) and Shakti (feminine).  The material and static (I AM) are symbolized by Shiva in meditative pose.   

Energy is symbolized by a strong female figure usually with numerous arms indicating activity.   

Whether it is the Lakota concept Taku Wakan Ska Ska, - all things are sacred and all things are in motion; Eistein’s theory of relativity E = MC2; or, the Vedic Shiva/Shakti principle, it all point to the same conclusion:  I AM! I am called into motion!  

Shiva = Material, Static, I AM 

Shakti = Energy, Movement

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