By: Dennis Hawk 

Just to recall my purpose and direction, I am proposing the symbols are the synapse ~ the link between our physical self and our spiritual self. Symbols also connect our spiritual self to God, or what Jungian psychologists designate as the collective unconscious or what the Ojibwe call Gitchi Manidoo (Great Spirit) and the Hindu’s name as deities.  

There are a number of ways that symbols are conveyed in literature. For example: simile, metaphor, personification, hyperbole,  and archetype. English grammar was boring the first time through so I’m not going to bore you with it here.  

Stories use all of the literary tools to convey the message of symbols. We ARE a story, and we are able to connect with each other  through our stories.  Everyone and everything has a story. In Ojibwe, we call the hot stones that are brought into lodge "Mishoomis", or Grandfather.  We welcome them into the lodge by saying, Boozhoo Mishoomis, “Welcome Grandfather.” In this personification, we are honoring these ancient ones. One Ojibwe elder said,  “We need to pay attention to the stone nations. They have been here longer than any of us.”  Every animal, every bird, every fish in the sea, every tree has a story to tell, if we listen and pay attention to them. We are all related…Mitakuye Oyasin.  

There are also the stories that connect to our past, the books and the oral traditions that are passed down through the ages. The Vedic stories of India, the Biblical stories of Judaism and Christianity, the stories of ancient Greece and Rome, the oral traditions of Native America all fall into this category. There are heros and villains in all stories that capture our attention. As this blog moves along, I will be sharing some of these ancient stories. They are fun, exciting, humorous and tragic. The ancient stories are mirrors and give glimpses into who we are.

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