Our Purpose

Purpose: a constantly evolving process  

We are all hardwired a bit differently. Some folks are abstract and creative thinkers like I am, while others have minds that are solidly rooted in how things work, and then there are those rare souls who have a balance of both. Somehow, in the tapestry that life weaves, we all come together to make this world work…for the most part.  

How did this picking and probing at the universe for answers translate for me in the long-run?  For me it meant seeking a college degree with a double major in English and Classical Languages, then on to graduate school to receive a M.Div. - a degree in theology in St. Louis, Missouri. It meant getting deeply involved in the social issues of my 20’s and 30’s: Civil Rights and the Viet Nam War protests. It meant leading a March for Hunger for the Long Island Farm Workers in New York. It meant diving deeply into creativity through music and song-writing. It meant a long tour of duty working as a community organizer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where I pastored an inner-city congregation as well. It meant that—while fighting for righteous causes—I had to face my own unrighteousness, drinking in deeply from the well of addiction. It meant recovery, renewal, and self-acceptance. It meant a new career in addictions counseling. It meant sitting with the elders in Ojibwe and Lakota ceremonies for 20 years. It meant carrying the sacred pipe and being given an Ojibwe name, Thunderhawk (Aniimikii Gekek), attending Sundance in South Dakota. It meant leading sacred ceremonies. It meant learning resilience…starting over again as a yoga instructor and yoga musician. During all of this time, there was this overarching theme with big questions, Why am I here? What is my job here now? What are the deep spiritual truths?  

What I DO know for sure now is that the “Why am I here?” question is an ever moving target that demands that I pay attention!

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