Anagopta Yo! - Pay Attention!

Anagopta Yo! 

By: Dennis Hawk 


Why am I here? My very simple answer to this is the same as God’s answer to Moses when Moses asked God for his name during the burning bush incident. Yahweh!  (Which means “I am who I am!”)  I am not trying to be trite about this, but I am here because I showed up on planet earth this moment. I am a living, breathing human being. For me, that is enough!  

But what am I supposed to do while I’m here? In the greater scheme of things, I ask, “What does God have in store for me?” What to BE is easy because I AM. What is it that I should do?…Well, that means paying attention.  

In Lakota, “Anagopta Yo!” is a simple command that means “pay attention”.  During the time that I spent around the sacred fires with the Lakota elders, we would often have teachings that would continue into the early hours of the morning. If someone would start nodding off, they were bound to hear this stern phrase: Anagopta Yo! I’m afraid that I was on the receiving end of this countless times.  

In order to know and what my mission is and what I am to do while on planet Earth,  I have to allow myself to open up at all levels of perception and pay very close attention.

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