Dennis Hawk

Musician/Flute maker

Dennis Hawk is a composer, recording artist, yoga musician, Kirtan leader, flute-maker and player, yoga instructor, story-teller and spiritual mentor.  Dennis has 15 albums and 20 singles to his credit. He was trained in Kirtan by David Newman aka Durga Das and was coached for seven years by Ragani.

Dennis is well known in the yoga and Kirtan world.  He recorded an album of yoga music with DJ Taz Rashid and is often found on yoga playlists like 108 Sun Salutations.   He has played at Midwest Yoga and Kirtan Festival and Milwaukee Kirtan Fest.  Dennis has opened for WAH!,  and played in venues with Hans Christian, Ragani, Kaita Bliffert, Pascale LaPoint, David Newman and others. He has also has been a regular guest at omTownYogi’s - Yoga At Milwaukee Art Museum event.  He has traveled thousands of miles and played hundreds of yoga related venues in the upper midwest over the past 15 years.

He has also collaborated with Hope Zvara and Laura Rooney creating 8 guided meditations.   His most recent single, Radhe is a chant with Indian classical singer Madhuli Bhide and includes Kelly Love Ross and Prem Vidu from The Band of Now.

Press Photos -Victoria Huss

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Photos and videos by Amanda O'Sullivan, Victoria Huss and Claire Chin Stillman. Video editing by Amanda O'Sullivan and Victoria Huss.

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