Dennis Hawk Music

Sing your heart open!

Dennis Hawk was raised in Atchison, Kansas, a small town nestled in the bluffs along the Missouri River.

From early folk and rock influences, to Gospel, R & B and Soul, to Native American flute, to East Indian call/response music, Dennis has been drawn to music that opens the heart.

Dennis Hawk plays many instruments, his favorites being guitar, wooden flute, harmonium, and voice.   His music has been described as tribal or world fusion and is often found under the New Age genre.

 Dennis has 15 albums, 20 singles to his credit. He also also collaborated with Hope Zvara and Dr. Laura Rooney on 8 guided meditations.  His most recent single, Radhe, is a chant with Indian classical singer Madhuli Bhide and includes Kelly Love Ross and Prem Vidu from The Band of Now.

Dennis Hawk has performed with three time Grammy winner Bill Miller as well as world flute player and Grammy nominee Peter Phippen.  Dennis’ long-time friend and vocal coach is Jazz singer, Janet Planet who helped Dennis with his first vocal album, Summer Rain.  Dennis has also recorded with pianist John Harmon (Founder of Lawrence University’s School of Jazz in Appleton, WI).

Dennis Hawk is well known in the yoga and Kirtan world.  He recorded an album of yoga music with DJ Taz and is often found on yoga playlists including 108 Sun Salutations,  Hot Asana Zoom #6. He was trained in Kirtan by David Newman aka and was coached for seven years by Ragani.  He has played at Midwest Yoga and Kirtan Festival and Milwaukee Kirtan Fest.  Dennis has opened for WAH!, played in venues with Hans Christian and has been a regular guest at omTown Yogi’s  Yoga at Milwaukee Art Museum event.   From 2005 through 2020, Dennis played in hundreds of yoga studios and Kirtan performances, and logged thousands of miles through the upper Mid-west.  

The passion for Dennis Hawk’s music comes from his own personal and family journey.  He would go to his room and play his guitar for hours to escape the chaos of his alcoholic home.  The music was also a sustaining force during Dennis’ own recovery from addictions and trauma. Music became his heart-healer.

Dennis Hawk’s mission is to create, music and tools for people on-the-grow.   Dennis will continue to use his creative forces to encourage his audience to Sing Your Heart Open!    

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