Dennis Hawk



The Stories and Symbols of Yoga

 Part I: Shiva and Sati...2.5 hour module.

Psychologist Carl Jung became fascinated with the gods and goddesses of India.  

Why? He saw that in each story or deity fragments of our own personality that are very worth exploring.  For the teacher of yoga and their students it is enriching to understand the stories and symbols that lie just beneath each yoga pose.  These stories are parts of the human story (our own ever-changing story) that gets acted out each time we go to our mat.

Whether we are aware of the stories and symbols or not, we all notice the personal changes that are taking place as we move further into our yoga practice.  Knowing the stories and symbols behind the yoga poses helps us connect the dots and understand why these profound changes are taking place on our mat.

Part II. Hanuman

Hanuman, the beloved monkey-god is considered and avatar of Shiva. He is credited with arranging the Shiva poses into Surya-namaskar, salutations to the sun, changing the practice of yoga from static poses to movement. He is also the faithful devotee of Ram and Sita, who represent the spritual (Ram) and Material (Sita) halves of the universe. Hanuman is credited for arranging the Shiva poses into Surya-namaskar, salutations to the sun. Poses from Hanuman include, Sun Salutations A and B; Chandrasana, Hanumanasana prep and pose; Twists and binds of all sorts; Heart openers; and, asanas that accent earth and sky.

Also included in this workshop is an introduction to Kirtan using a Sita/Ram and Hanuman chant.

An Introduction to Kirtan: Bhakti Yoga

Kirtan, a form of yoga called Bhakti yoga, is the heart beat and passion of yoga. Kirtan is the music of yoga.

This a 2.5 hour workshop, originally designed as a module for yoga schools, is appropriate as well as a studio workshop.

In this workshop Dennis uses several modalities:  Yoga demonstrations showing the relationship between the physical practice of yoga and Bhakti yoga;  Power point presentation to show the ancient images and symbols;  Story-telling; and, Chant demonstrations.

This workshop is fun, fun, fun!  Everyone leaves smiling.

This workshop qualifies as a 2.5 hour module for Yoga School, both 200 and 500 hour programs.

Dennis Hawk is a yoga instructor, story-teller and recording artist.  For more on Dennis go to bio button on this site.