Dennis Hawk





My entire life has been filled with music.  I got my first guitar at 12 years old and never turned back, following the music from Elvis to the Beatles, from Afro-American  Gospel through Native American chants to Kirtan.  Kirtan, which simply means "to sing" is part of a larger movement that is sweeping the globe called Bhakti Yoga.  Bhakti yoga is deeply spiritual but has little to do with religion.  The call/response singing pulls a person from negative thought patterns to a genuine love and connection to all beings.  Kirtan rises above the duality of right and wrong, good and bad, innocence and guilt into a oneness that the Lakota people would call Mitakue Oyasin, loosely translated, "all my relations," which acnowledges an intrinsic Oneness.  Again from Lakota, Taku Wakan Ska Ska, "Sacred Things in Motion," acknowledging that all things are sacred and all things are in motion.  When we sing in call response we are setting things in motion, creating a circle of energy that is a benediction for all.



I believe that I am part of a Spiritual Movement that has not been seen since the 15th Century (In both India - The Kirshna/Bhakti Movement and the Protestant Reformation in Europe).  We call it Kirtan.  It is a westernized form of Vedic Mantra chants.  The revolution to me is a revolution in the hearts of people who sing.  We just plain feel better when we sing, and when we feel better we treat ourselves and those around us better.  So let's sing!!!!!