Dennis Hawk


Dennis Hawk - Yoga Musican and Story-Teller

Dennis Hawk


Dennis Hawk (Thunderhawk) - Co-Founder of Thunderhawk Tribe


Dennis Hawk is a yoga instructor, yoga musician, composer, recording artist, story-teller, flute maker and workshop leader.


Dennis is a prolific composer, producing 1 album (108 - Remix), 12 singles (including 5 guided meditations with Hope Zvara and one with Dr. Laura Rooney) and music for 25 yoga instructional videos with Tom Washatka.  All of these were completed in 2018.  Dennis also has another 14 albums to his credit.


Dennis is a 74 y/o vibrant yoga practitioner and meditator who loves doing workshops focused on the ancient Vedic stories and songs, showing how they relate to the yoga poses.  As a story-teller, he is fun and funny but profoundly rooted in his own spirituality gleaned from his Native American heritage, a degree in theology,  his own addictions recovery and lots of life experience.


For Recorded materials go to Thunderhawk Tribe on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon etc.  There are also 14 albums under Dennis Hawk.


Also look for Thunderhawk Tribe and Dennis Hawk Flutes on FB