Dennis Hawk


Dennis Hawk - Yoga Musican and Story-Teller



Dennis Hawk is a yoga musician, Kirtan chant leader, recording artist.  Combining his life-long passion for music and his commitment to yoga, Dennis creates both live and recorded music for yoga.  Dennis has 15 CD's to his credit the latest of which is ONE TRIBE released in November of 2016.  Presently, Dennis is working on a series of single recordings of chant music from various traditions including Native American, Hindu and American Gospel.  These are being released under Thunderhawk Tribe.  You can find them on Spotify, Apple  Music and Amazon.

In addition to the music, Dennis is a story teller, weaving stories from various traditions into his music events or yoga workshop presentations and yoga teacher training.  (For more on this go to the "workshops" tab.)

"I can always tell great music because it makes me want to sing along, and with Dennis Hawk's music I do." Ragani

"Love what you are doing Dennis.  It comes through in your own unique and powerful way.  Love, David." (David Newman aka Durga Das)

Dennis has shared the stage with with Wah!, Ragani, Daivid Newman aka Durga Das, Michael Cohen, DJ Taz Rashid, Hans Christian, Rich Logan, Debi Buzil, Bhavani, Ryan Hader and Pascale LaPoint.